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Saturday, 27 April 2013

A quick write up... pass me that Paper Mate Flexi Grip pen!

On Thursday I finished the Paper Mate Facebook Campaign (as mentioned in my previous blog post) where I caricature people who uploaded their photo to the Paper Mate Facebook Page by using a Flexi Grip pen. Below is a screen grab of the album on my Facebook Page of the full collection of caricatures and other images I did.

To see the full collection click HERE! (Also feel free to 'Like' my page and share on Facebook)

More news coming soon! 

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Penning a new post... Penning many caricatures

Today, on the 15 April, I am starting a 9 day campaign for Paper Mate on Facebook.

What does that involve I hear you cry? Well... I'm glad you asked!

It involves taking their 'FlexGrips' pen and using it to draw caricatures of people with it
People of Facebook can like their page, upload their photo and get a free caricature drawn my me with this pen and then can use it as a Facebook profile picture.


Above is a test video I made for them to use as a promotion for this campaign. (I have added music to my version.)

This campaign started on the 12 April and will run until 25th April (although images will be uploaded to Facebook some time after that I am guessing).

Fancy another video? Oh go on then...


You can find their Facebook page HERE should you want your caricature doing.