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Monday, 23 June 2014

In the spirit of The World Cup

In the spirit of the World Cup...

"Eddie Dorrington set up a local boys football team approx 5 years ago because his son and some of his friends played for for a local team, but he was frustrated about the way the team was managed.    The league was incredibly competitive.  Some boys never ever got to play an official match because although they showed up to training every week they were not deemed “good enough” to warrant putting on the pitch on match day.

Eddie felt this was not how a team should be managed and just wanted his son and his friends to have fun on the pitch, so set up a new team.

The original boys were soon joined by their other friends who were experiencing the same problems with their local teams.

They have been playing as a team ever since -  and it has been a joy to watch as a parent.   

Eddie is a fireman and works shifts and Chris works for a Brewery, but between them they have always managed to attend the training sessions and matches and support the kids fully.  The team don’t always win but they have steadily improved and generally had great fun every week. 

Eddie and Chris make sure that every lad on the team always get at least 1/2 a match on the pitch, whatever their skill level and whatever the score is.   The kids have really appreciated this.

Eddie and Chris were also presented  “Managers of the Month” this month (May 2014).  The kids couldn’t resist taking the mickey as the cup they got was 7cm in height!

The boys are 16 now and all in the middle of doing their GCSE’s.  This may be the last season they will all be able to play together and the end of what has been a great time for all involved and the parents and the boys want to thank these great guys for all the time they have given up, in their very busy lives."

Chris is on the left and Eddy is on the right - well done, chaps!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Wedding messages board on an African scale.

Latest commission - A caricature of a couple (originally from Africa) for their wedding day for people to sign messages of good luck, and congratulations.

Quite please with this one. There's something therapeutic about drawing animals especially those in the wild.

See how many animals you can spot.