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Sunday, 11 January 2015

OPPS! Belated Seasons greetings...


I posted this on my social media but forgot to schedule this update for my website.

Stan, Mikey and Tim coming to a doorstep this Christmas.

I hope everyone had a Great Christmas (or holidays if Christmas isn't your thing) and wish you all the best for 2015 (or if you use a different calendar then happy new year for whenever your new year is).

Do I have any arty plans for this year or new year resolutions I hear you ask... 

Well I have more to do with Stan and Tim's Imaginative Adventures and hopefully by Christmas 2015 I'll have a book of them to sell.

I also plan to use the web and TV less to entertain myself and to use my drawing/painting skills as my own amusement and entertainment. A recent realisation that we use TV and the Internet too much to entertain ourselves is slowly killing creativity in the world... and for me and my line of work that's not good news. 

Creativity comes from being bored and trying to entertain yourself and others - how can we be original when we are being entertained 24/7 by tv and the web? 

So say tuned and let's see where my boredom takes me...

Peace n love - Mikey