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Thursday, 6 April 2017

An update on my caricature work over Easter

 Hola Hello!

Shh... don't look now BUT... the sun seems to be out more!

Sounds like an ideal time to go out somewhere during the Easter holidays... like... say... the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation park!

Along with my illustration work I also do caricature work (commissions, events, etc) of which you can find out more at my caricature site: 
Often what I do is for private bookings but on occasion I'll do festivals, fun days and as with this Easter: I'll be at the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation park offering my caricature services to the visitors there.

 In addition to drawing caricatures of people with their fave animals I'll also be doing an Animal Art Print hunt each day where I hide an Animal Art Print I have made somewhere in the park and visitors can go hunting and finding them. The winners can keep the print as a FREE memento of their day at the park.
Week one of Easter holidays will feature these two prints for you to find.
There will be a total of four prints and I'll update you on the second week's 2 animal prints soon.

Hope to see you at the park and Happy hunting!

- Mikey
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